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Hello and Aloha!

I’m Heather-Leigh!

Vegan Chef

Greetings and welcome to Vegan, To Taste!

I’ve created a plant-based business where I would love to share my most precious creations with you all! Whether you are a struggling “vegan/vegetarian”, a curious self-proclaimed carnivore, or even a long time vegan looking for new ideas, my aim is to provide my services to achieve what ever goal you may have on your vegan journey. 

I grew up in New Jersey, and I pretty much lived off of Italian Food. My father, who taught me much of what I know today, made everything homemade. He taught me not only the importance of knowing how to cook, but cooking with love and creating healthy meals for our family. Now, I am the only vegan in my family, and I have been meat-free for almost eight years. I enjoyed so many of my Father’s recipes, it has been a fun challenge to convert many of them to be vegan friendly. I would say my speciality is in Italian food, but I have expanded my palette and recipes to include Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and so much more.

I really love lots of colors and flavors when cooking. The name “Vegan, To Taste” reflects my cooking style. I am not usually a recipe user and I like to make everything “to taste”. 

If you are interested in reading more about my plant-based journey, please visit my blog or if you would like to learn more about my personal chef services as well as meal delivery, please go here.