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Starting A Career I Love

I am so excited to share this part of my life with the world. I have been wanting to create something I have been passionate about for a very long time now. I have always dreamed of starting a business around food, and when I went vegan, I knew I wanted to start something that I would love as a career. I have dedicated much of my life to helping animals and the environment in any way I can, so I was longing to find a community of good-hearted people. I cannot wait to connect with people who envision a world of compassion and mindfulness.

Vegan Food

My First Vegetarian Haul, Circa September 2011.

The Big Switch

My journey to living a more conscious and healthier life started when I cut meat out of my diet seven years ago. I was sick all the time, I was a smoker, I drank a lot, and I was hopelessly depressed. Every year I would get bronchitis and multiple infections. I was young and active but I never developed healthy eating habits which caused medical issues I solely blame on bad lifestyle choices. When I became a vegetarian and later switching to a plant based diet, I stopped getting sick. In fact, I didn’t get another cold for SEVEN years. (I’ve recently had a sinus infection, I was sad when I found out I wasn’t invincible). And I’ve since kicked all those other bad habits.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

The First Vegetarian Meal I Ever Made

Becoming A TRUE Animal Lover

I first cut out animal products for health reasons I admit, but I started researching about environmental issues that are caused by factory farming and the conditions those animals have to endure. I have always had a profound love for animals, and I soon realized I was never getting back into a relationship with meat. Throughout this journey I found that compassion and education are key to having a conversation that can change lives. My hope is to never have someone feel guilty, but to shed light on a movement that is growing rapidly and helping the world become a kinder place. Just a few tweaks to everyday life can make a huge difference in terms of health and happiness.

Vegan and a Rabbit

Baby Heather-Leigh. I was President for my college club, Students Concerned for Animals In Trouble, AKA “SCAT”. I soon realized the contradiction as to why I was advocating for certain animals and eating others.

Always Evolving

To be honest and transparent on this topic, becoming vegan is not an end all be all. It isn’t as hard as it seems, but it takes a little extra dedication and commitment. I have not always been the perfect vegan, and I have much more to learn and work on for myself. It is an ongoing evolving lifestyle. It’s easy to be a junk food vegan, you just have to be conscious about the food you are consuming. “Eat more from the earth, and less from a box” is a good mantra to live by. That is why I believe cooking wholesome meals made from the heart is important for a healthy happy life. Food is so ingrained in culture and making and sharing good food is something I have always been passionate about.

Bananas Vegan

At one point, I tried the “Banana” Diet”. I didn’t last long….

My Vision

My vision for this site and my business is to share my personal experiences for those who are interested. My hope is to inspire people to start cutting animal products out of their diet and adapt to putting more veggies on their plate. I like opening up the conversation and I inspire to build a bigger community of like-minded people. Thank you so much for visiting and stay tuned!

Fried Vegan Chicken

First time eating Vegan Fried Chicken, volunteering at the VegFest in NYC, 2014

Share Your Story

I would love to hear your story! Whether your a hard-core or struggling vegan, new vegetarian, or a curious meat eater, comment below with your journey!